Our program is only as strong as our culture.

Rising Phoenix believes in maintaining a culture of trust and safety that translates to all that we have the pleasure to work with. We achieve this goal by providing open doors for all staff to bring ideas or concerns to leadership. Health and wellness education for staff is provided by experts continuously while personal and professional growth outside of our doors is encouraged and supported by our team fostering an environment of informed and healthy employees. These values are important and ensure that our staff is in the best position to help our clients.

Research has shown that focusing on a healthy environment for employees boosts their work performance in all organizational sizes, from large corporations to small businesses.  This is more important to Rising Phoenix than most companies as we know that each of our employees are here to help inspire change and growth for our clients. 

Rising Phoenix’s leadership team is committed to developing a resilient workforce and understand this value is to be a priority as our staff and client base grows with us. This allows us to attract and retain the highest qualified clinical, medical, and operational staff in behavioral health.


Our employees mean as much to us as each individual or family who walks through our door.

Understanding that without a healthy and resilient staff, our clients cannot achieve their maximum potential. Rising Phoenix Wellness Services acknowledges that we must be innovative in the way we approach a healthy culture amongst our staff by creating an environment that encourages education, passion, compassion, and safety.

We believe this small, but important aspect of our organization is why Rising Phoenix Wellness Services is able to produce such remarkable results for clients in our program. 

Group Times

Monday: 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday: 10am – 1pm
Wednesday: 6pm – 9pm
Thursday: 10am – 1pm
Friday: 6pm – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm