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Inpatient Drug Rehab Chatsworth

If you’re an addiction victim, you need to start seeking professional help soon. At Golden Road Recovery, we invite you to the best inpatient drug rehab in Chatsworth to recover, heal, and work towards a better life. But when looking for the most effective rehab in Chatsworth, what type of rehab program should you choose – inpatient or outpatient? This is what you should know about both of them so you can make an informed decision:

Inpatient rehab program

The inpatient Chatsworth rehab program is ideal for coping with advanced addictions stages. In most cases, people are unaware how severe their condition is. They’re struggling with advanced withdrawal and show symptoms of co-occurring mental disorders like OCD, anxiety disorder, depression, etc. For effective and lasting recovery, they need to join an inpatient treatment.

The inpatient program can last up to six months, depending on how volatile your situation is. During the program, you will engage in medication treatment, therapy and counseling sessions, and dual diagnosis care. All these procedures will help you to:

  • Control your cravings and urges
  • Overcome the withdrawal safely
  • Recover physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Regain your confidence and determination to see the treatment through
  • Focus on your long-term sobriety goals
  • Understand your addiction and learn from your mistakes, etc.

To increase the program’s effectiveness, you will remain at our treatment centers in Chatsworth for the entire duration of the inpatient treatment. Our experts will monitor your progress 24/7 and adjust the treatment if they believe it to be necessary. The inpatient addiction treatment in Chatsworth is the most effective treatment for fighting aggravated addiction and mental disorders.

Outpatient rehab program

The outpatient program is a step-down from the inpatient treatment. It no longer requires you to spend your nights at our facility, providing a more flexible recovery schedule. You will only arrive at our facility for day time treatment, five days per week, and engage in therapy, urine tests, and counseling sessions.

It is a more affordable form of treatment, time and moneywise, ideal for patients who have either completed inpatient treatment or don’t need to in the first place. If your condition is more stable, you may not need inpatient care, in which case the outpatient program is ideal for you. This form of treatment allows you to pursue your recovery goals while taking care of your social, educational, professional, and familial obligations.

The best drug recovery program

You cannot know by heart what type of rehabilitation program fits your situation the best. You need an expert’s opinion for that, a clinician who will assess your condition and recommend a personalized recovery plan for long-term benefits.

If you wish to join our inpatient drug rehab in Chatsworth, contact Golden Road Recovery today, and we’ll take care of the details! You can speak to our rehab counselor, verify your insurance, and discuss your treatment options via phone. You can leave addiction behind, and we are here to guide your steps along the way.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Chatsworth



Inpatient Drug Rehab Chatsworth

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