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Long Term Drug Rehab Programs

Long Term Drug Rehab Programs: Which is the Best Option?

Drug or alcohol addiction is one of the most complicated health conditions to overcome. While it is true the first big step that the addict must take to recover is to recognize the problem and be willing to seek help, there is another big question: where to go.

There are several top long-term drug rehab programs in the region that offer people help to overcome their dependence. But which one is the ideal choice? If you want to overcome the darkness of addiction, it is essential you know the different alternatives, so that you can select the ideal one for you.

What Are the Top Long term Drug Rehab Programs?

12-Step Outline

Since the middle of the 20th century, there have been independent civil associations like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous that offer those who wish an alternative for recovery. These are free drug rehab centers, since what is required for the person to take part is the will, and it is their decision whether or not to give a small monetary contribution.

In their regular meetings, former addicts share their experiences and comply with a personal sanitation plan that allows them to stay sober. While many people have benefited from this approach, it is not always enough. Each individual complies with the program at their own discretion, and there is no monitoring of the progress and results of the scheme’s implementation.

Drug Counseling

Another common alternative is for substance-dependent to attend individual therapeutic consultations. In the sessions, the psychologist or psychiatrist helps the patient to discover which situations in their past induced them to consume. The duration of the treatment is indefinite, and it is at the discretion of the professional when the patient can live without regular attendance to personalized therapies.

One of the drawbacks of this option is it is not a low-cost addiction treatment in CA. The sessions are expensive, and insurance does not always cover medical costs. Also, the frequency of sessions is one hour per week at best. This is insufficient in most cases.

Inpatient Long-Term Programs

Leading residential drug rehab programs in CA offer a comprehensive option for substance dependents, providing help from detoxification to full recovery. These programs use a mix of individual, group, and alternative therapies to achieve negative behavioral change in patients.

While the results of this option are satisfactory, the major drawback is people must give up their lives to attend the program. Giving up life, home, family, work and social interaction can be significantly negative for people. Also, after recovery, the social reintegration process is often complicated.

Outpatient Treatments

This is perhaps the best alternative for a successful recovery from substance dependence. Patients also receive a top-notch mix of therapies. This will allow them to develop the habits, skills, and tools vital to lead a healthy life free of their addiction. The best part is they don’t have to give up their lives and can continue to fulfill their responsibilities while in rehab.

Leading outpatient programs like the one offered by The Heavenly Center offer combinations of traditional behavioral therapies with the most innovative methods of dependency treatment. In this way, the individuals are able to rediscover and redefine themselves and can eventually lead a normal and happy life. Contact the Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California.