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Outpatient Drug Rehab Dallas TX

For immediate recovery from addiction, we recommend our outpatient drug rehab in Dallas, TX, today! Ascendus Behavioral Health promotes sustainable healing via medication management, therapy, family involvement, and peer support during our IOP and PHP programs.

Is IOP necessary for drug rehab?

Yes, it is. While most addicts require inpatient care to recover from withdrawal and embrace sobriety effectively, outpatient programs are essential for long-term relapse prevention and social reintegration. If you have already completed the residential/inpatient treatment, we recommend considering our IOP to strengthen your commitment to sobriety and acquire a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Our IOP relies on weekly meetings for a total of nine hours, involving therapy, medication management, drug tests, group meetings, and individual counseling sessions. Your family members can also participate in the recovery process, providing moral and spiritual support along the way. Our clinicians and counselors will teach them the key skills they need to help, support, and motivate you through the years.

Outpatient programs are essential for effective drug  recovery

While inpatient treatment is critical for reliable rehabilitation from addiction, it doesn’t have the power to ensure long-term sobriety. Most addicts who complete the inpatient treatment usually relapse within the first year if they lack additional support along the way. This is where our outpatient rehab programs come in. The outpatient program’s role is to provide patients with social and clinical support to:

  • Manage their cravings effectively over time
  • Identify and counter social and familial triggers that may cause them to relapse
  • Adopt a healthier daily routine involving regular workout, improved nutrition, and an overall more active lifestyle
  • Reintegrate into society as an active, prolific, and independent individual
  • Regain their financial independence
  • Manage their co-occurring disorders effectively, etc.

Our outpatient programs will also put you in contact with people dealing with the same issues as you do. This way, you can socialize, offer mutual spiritual and moral support, and share your recovery stories and journey for sustained mental and spiritual recovery.

The best outpatient programs for drug recovery

Fighting addiction effectively requires a multidisciplinary approach to address the disorder’s causes and help patients maintain their sobriety goals over the years. To achieve that, you need to start seeking the best outpatient programs that are both affordable and reliable long-term. Our outpatient treatment is the ideal choice for people who either can’t afford inpatient care or don’t need it, to begin with.

We have a team of clinicians, therapists, and health professionals ready to assist you throughout your recovery journey. Their goal is to help you:

  • Rediscover your passions and hobbies, etc.
  • Socialize with other people and become more open, honest, and positive
  • Learn about accountability and responsibility
  • Learn how untreated addiction affects you and those around you over the years, etc.

At Ascendus Behavioral Health, we promote fast and reliable recovery from addiction through peer support and outstanding lifestyle changes. If you wish to find out details about our outpatient drug rehab in Dallas, TX, contact us today for info, insurance coverage details, and treatment planning.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Dallas TX

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Outpatient Drug Rehab Dallas TX

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