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Rehab Facilities In Arizona

Addiction is a complex illness that affects the biology and chemistry of the victim. The medical world has century-long research on understanding addiction and the best recovery programs. Many people think that all drugs result in the same behavioral and mental issues. Contrastingly, they have different chemicals, which trigger different reactions in the body and mind. Top drug and alcohol rehabs do have specific treatment programs to handle various drug problems, such as the following:

  • Alcohol dependence
  • Cannabis disorder
  • Molly abuse
  • Prescription pill abuse
  • Meth abuse
  • Vicodin abuse
  • Valium abuse
  • Cocaine abuse
  • Morphine abuse
  • Suboxone abuse

Most common addiction treatments at our facility

Alcohol treatment

There are several angles to treating alcohol, and each particular treatment depends on the patient’s withdrawal signs. We have careful administration of therapy and pre-treatment medicine, such as anti-anxiety drugs.

The first drug, in most cases, should stop alcohol absorption into the bloodstream. It also prevents toxicity and allows the patient to have a more peaceful withdrawal stage. The psychologist will identify issues that could easily lead to more drinking problems and administer therapy to ease the next alcohol treatment stage.

Cocaine treatment

The FDA does not have approved medication to treat cocaine addiction. Researchers at the best ddiction treatment services in Prescott have a list of drugs that can treat cocaine addiction by addressing neurobiological targets. These drugs act on the dopamine receptors to mimic the effect of cocaine without the adverse effects of cocaine. We use drugs that have ample scientific backing on how they affect serotonin receptors.

The ongoing use of disulfiram suggests that there is the possibility of developing a more potent drug to ease withdrawal. We must ensure all our patients have a safe recovery through the inpatient or outpatient treatment facility.

Marijuana treatment

Marijuana is a controversial social drug. It has healing abilities and an equal measure of potential to exacerbate problems. Smoking the drug also causes the same problems as smoking a regular cigarette. The drug is the biggest motivation of young users dropping out of school, among other mishaps like accidents and low job turnover.

Rehab facilities in Arizona advise against quitting marijuana without proper medical support. Some common problems of cold turkey stopping include nervous breakdowns and irritability. The treatment program is striking, similar to the treatment of many different addictions. We use evidence-based therapies and base top addiction programs in Prescott, Arizona, on the individual’s situation.

Meth addiction and treatment

Meth makes the user more alert, energized, and awake for long periods, and sudden quitting causes side effects like intense fatigue, lethargy, hunger, and depression. A more prolonged meth overdose will cause severe dependence and acute withdrawal signs. We have a strict meth treatment regime to keep the patient in the positive healing phase.

Meth causes long-term damage to the brain. It is advisable that the best drug and alcohol rehabs in Prescott, AZ, to offer long-term case to promote abstinence and more robust recovery. It is doubtful that one will experience relapse and other undesirable instances under our long-term staff’s expert care.

Are you suffering from any of the above addiction types? Talk to our top-rated rehab centers in Prescott, AZ, now for specialized treatment by calling 877-732-6837.


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Rehab Facilities In Arizona

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