alcohol treatment Scottsdale

alcohol treatment Scottsdale

Alcoholism is no joking matter. If you’re experiencing withdrawal regularly, you need to consider our alcohol treatment in Scottsdale soon. Just like drug addiction, alcoholism is progressive and chronic in nature. At Rising Phoenix Wellness Services, we ensure the most effective alcohol and drug rehab in Scottsdale, promoting a unique take on rehabilitation and recovery.

The best recovery program

Our addiction treatment in Scottsdale uses a structured protocol to promote fast healing and sustainable sobriety long after completing our program. It incorporates multiple procedures from different disciplines to obtain optimal results and ensure the best outcome. Some of the programs we’re using include:

  • Medical detox – Performing in-depth clinical assessment to prepare you for personalized detox and rehabilitation. The detoxification process relies on targeted medication plans and therapy to address the withdrawal and provide relief while cleansing your system of toxins.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment goes into effect as soon as you arrive at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Our experts will diagnose your co-occurring disorders during the program and create a patient-oriented recovery for sustainable recovery. This program will ease the recovery process, prevent short and long-term relapse, and considerably improve your quality of life.
  • Residential/inpatient treatment – Inpatient treatment is vital for sustainable recovery during the rehabilitation process. It promotes stability, security, comfort, and access to high-end recovery services while remaining under 24/7 supervision. Our professionals will monitor your progress throughout the program, making sure you reach your milestones and don’t lose track of your sobriety goals.
  • Outpatient program – The outpatient program consists of weekly meetings at our facility for therapy, counseling, and progress assessment. You may also undergo drug and alcohol tests to make sure you remain on the right track. The outpatient program promotes community, peer support, and social reintegration for a healthy and more active lifestyle.
  • Alumni Services – The Alumni program offers ongoing psychiatric and medical assistance for people who need extended aftercare support. It is the ideal tool to promote sustainable sobriety and strengthen our patients’ commitment to a clean and more prosperous lifestyle.

Our treatment philosophy

Our drug and alcohol rehab treatment relies on a stone-carved philosophy which says that treating addiction requires more than medication and therapy. It also requires in-depth knowledge of the human mind and spirit, empathy, passion, and consistent support via aftercare programs. Overcoming addiction is a lifelong battle that you cannot hope to win without proper medical assistance and spiritual guidance along the way. Our goal is to help people like you rediscover themselves and undergo a life-changing transformation journey during our outpatient alcohol treatment in Scottsdale, AZ. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leave your alcohol addiction behind and forge a safer, cleaner, more fulfilling future for you and loved ones.

Contact Rising Phoenix Wellness Center at 480-589-0895, and let’s discuss your options moving forward! Don’t despair if you don’t see a way out of your situation! Call our counselor, share your story, and we’ll help you see the light in the darkness!

alcohol treatment Scottsdale

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