Outpatient treatment near me

Outpatient treatment near me

Are you searching the internet for 'outpatient treatment near me'? Rising Phoenix Wellness Services is one of the top addiction treatment facilities with exceptional IOP and outpatient programs. Here are some tips to help you choose the best outpatient treatment center:

1. Specialized rehab centers

Every rehab center specializes in treating certain types of addictions or co-occurring mental health issues or has the most success in treating some conditions more than others. Choosing a rehab center that is highly successful or top-rated for your specific addiction can improve your chances of recovery and provide you with the best treatment outcomes. It is also important to choose a rehab with the highest percentage of clients who complete the program and the lowest relapse rates.

2. A focus on underlying issues

An addiction condition often stems out from an underlying mental health issue. Failing to address underlying mental health problems during treatment can put you at a higher risk of relapse after rehab. You must choose a licensed Scottsdale addiction treatment center that focuses on identifying and treating the underlying health issues to help you attain comprehensive and sustainable recovery. Ranked as the best Scottsdale rehab for addiction treatment, we use psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic experiencing, dialectical behavioral therapy, accelerated resolution therapy, etc., to help patients heal and recover from their psychological issues.

3. Customized treatment and 1-on-1 therapies 

A cookie-cutter approach never works to treat substance abuse conditions, as no two addictions are ever the same. It is critical to choose an Arizona treatment center following a customized treatment plan and offering individualized patient care. At our Arizona addiction recovery center, we create a personalized treatment plan during admissions after a thorough screening of our patients' physical and mental health screening. We use this treatment plan as a yardstick to measure the progress made by each recovering addict in rehab. A personalized treatment approach yields the best patient outcomes and reduces the chances of relapse significantly.

4. Dedicated and accredited staff

The clinical and non-staff at a rehab facility have a vital role to play in your recovery journey. These are the people who will be working closely with you during treatment. Make sure to choose a Scottsdale drug and alcohol treatment center with a highly-skilled, experienced, friendly, and supportive staff team. You can determine their skill and professional profile by checking their accreditation prior to any commitment.

5. Exception on-going support programs

You must choose a rehab that offers the best continuing care programs to strengthen patients' commitment to sobriety in the long term. Continuing care programs allow recovering addicts to heal and recover in sober fellowship and provide them with structure and accountability even after completing their rehab treatment.

Your search for the best' outpatient treatment near me' ends here. Contact Rising Phoenix Wellness Services at 480-589-0895 for more details on our IOP program. We help you overcome addiction with minimal disruption to your everyday responsibilities and work/school-related obligations. 

Outpatient treatment near me

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