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Mental Health Treatment

Substance Use and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our Clinical Focus

We created our addiction and mental health treatment program to offer a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment where clients are embraced, not judged, throughout their recovery process.

We offer programming that is:

Individualized – Each client is different and deserves an individualized care plan to give them the best chance at success in mental health and addiction recovery.

Goal Oriented – Our mental health and addiction treatment programs allow each client to set their own goals while we provide direction and support.

Accessible – Outpatient treatment allows clients to encounter obstacles and challenges outside of our care, which is why we maintain an open line of communication to staff at all times.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire the optimal well-being of each individual through compassion and expertise focusing on the Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Evidence-Based Therapeutic Treatment and Psychiatric Services


Nutritional Support, Medical Services, and Yoga


Meditation and Connection


We work with most insurance carriers for treatment. Please contact us directly to find out if your policy covers our treatment.

Which Program is Right For Me?

At Rising Phoenix, we offer two tracks: a mental health-focused program and a program focused on substance use and dual diagnosis challenges.

Clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges may find a comfortable home in our mental health program.

Clients whose primary concern is addiction—or who are concerned that their addiction may be worsening their mental health—should enroll in our substance use and dual diagnosis program.

Not sure which program is right for you? Contact us directly at 480-618-4791 for a free, confidential assessment.