Upcoming Events

  • Bhante Sujatha

    Workshop: Tuesday, September 18th at 6:00pm

    Working with people for more than 30 years, as a monk and friend, I have come to know we all show up to life with wounds from our past. Childhood, trauma, suffering of all shapes and sizes. We all have wounds on our heart that effect how we feel, think and how we interact with the larger world. Healing our wounded hearts is the work of this lifetime-allowing our heart to heal means we create the space to authentically feel and acknowledge the truth of suffering and the path to the end of this suffering. Instead of trying to "get over" our wounds, I help people come together in love and truth to move forward and let go of the effects of these wounds. Simple practices are not easy. The effort is worth it.

    Space limited. Advanced registration required. Click Here for more information.


"My yoga/therapy sessions with Erin were fantastic! It helped me to feel centered and present in my life, realize the areas of my body that I was holding stress and refocus on my goals." - -M.C.