Rising Phoenix Programs

Our programs are tailored for each individual including specialized treatment plans and schedules for the working professional and active adult. With a goal directed model fostering community, clinical, and peer support throughout recovery. Rising Phoenix fosters a collaborative environment for our staff and our clients. We make a commitment to each person’s recovery and will work to make sure they have a positive experience in reclaiming their life. Our highly qualified staff is compiled of psychological, clinical, and medical professionals that have decades of experience in helping individuals with mental illness, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis.

Group Therapy

The Focus – A small group environment that provides psychoeducation, processing, experiential activity, and learning evidence-based tools to cope with mental health, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis disorders

The Approach – The client is at the center of their change by having flexible group hours in the daytime, evening and/or weekend. Clients can attend 3 to 5 groups per week depending on their individual needs.

Individual Therapy

Weekly Sessions – Each client will have weekly individual therapy with one of our primary therapists who best fits the client’s needs after a clinical assessment is done during the intake process.

Evidence Based – Our therapists use Evidence Based Therapies to properly address and inspire recovery.

Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric Evaluations – Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Medical Director will meet with each client upon intake to ensure optimal physical and mental health for treatment.

Medication Management – Routine visits with our psychiatric team, for those in need, allows our clinical team to monitor the results of any prescribed medication.

Rising Phoenix focuses on the psychological and biological components surrounding addictions and mental illness. By basing recovery within this context, and including sociological factors, each patient can truly begin to heal. It is our belief that each of these components of a person’s story must be addressed with a professional team to create an environment of healing.

Group Times

Monday: 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday: 10am – 1pm
Wednesday: 6pm – 9pm
Thursday: 10am – 1pm
Friday: 6pm – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 1pm