Rising Phoenix Wellness Services believes in making an impact in the mental health and substance use industry.

We believe this requires us to not only treat our clients, but also to partner with and support the local community and state with resource navigation. Our goal is to help form a strong and resilient community where individuals and families can have their needs met and recognized. Research shows us that building strong and collaborative professional relationships is a cornerstone for maintaining an informed and educated community.

We are very educational based and strongly believe that updated information is critical to the development of successful communities and partnerships. We have a dedicated team of clinicians who invest their time in Speakers Bureau events regarding trauma informed care, suicide awareness, grief and loss, addiction success stories, motivational speaking, and the latest issues impacting youth.

Part of our clients’ recovery is creating a network outside of Rising Phoenix to ensure connection in the community. Our program recommends meeting attendance which can be focused on mental health issues, substance abuse issues, codependency support, family support, grief/loss, etc. 


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October 2022

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