Jeff is the founder of Impact Recovery and the creator of the LifeForce, Transformational Coaching program. He holds a BA in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and is a certified and trauma-informed recovery coach, performance coach, and life coach. Jeff is trained in the healing modalities of tai-chi, mindfulness, breathwork, and drum therapy.
Jeff’s passion is coaching those struggling with mental health and/or substance use disorders.  Jeff’s mission is to work with the families of those suffering from addiction to break the cycle of multi-generational trauma.

Jeff entered recovery in 2006 after a 15-year career as a professional musician where he now claims victory over substance abuse, codependency, C-PTSD and love addiction. Jeff’s personal journey through addiction and recovery allows him to not only relate, but also empathize with the challenges that one endures during the recovery process. He brings nonjudgmental acceptance along with a compassionate demeanor to meet his clients “where they are at” in the recovery process. Jeff strongly believes that each of us has a unique journey to recovery and works with his clients to discover their own path by taking a holistic approach that focuses on mind, body, and spirit.