Tessa Mandala, LPC

Primary Therapist

Tessa is a licensed clinician and certified yoga therapist. She believes all individuals can recover from distressing issues and each person’s journey may be different in achieving a fulfilled life. She holds dual Bachelor’s degrees from Colorado State University in Psychology and Human Development with a specification in Family Studies. She completed her Master’s in Education for Counseling from DePaul University. She holds a certification as a level 1 and level 2 Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist. In addition, she completed the 800-hour IAYT-Accredited Yoga Therapist Certification through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. 

Tessa has extensive experience working with those recovering from substance abuse issues, anxiety disorders, and acute/chronic stress disorders along with being LGBTQIA+ affirming. She specializes in mindfulness-based and somatic practices to facilitate client healing. In alignment with being a dually licensed yoga and behavioral therapist, she believes that our bodies store memories and emotions. Therefore, she utilizes talk therapy and body work to access uncomfortable experiences and ultimately resolve them. Tessa incorporates the principles of yoga, including the moral teachings (yamas and niyamas), meditation, breathwork, and postures when appropriate.

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